It’s Over!

July 31, 2009

NaBloPoMo is over! It’s about time. That felt like one long month.  It’s been an amazing month in terms of views. This was Bandew444’s second best mont on record, with 614 views. I know it’s not that many, but we don’t have a whole lot of advertising, and B4 and the Jeary aren’t very big and we don’t have a lot of funding, I’d say that’s pretty good. At the beginning of the month I predicted that we would have 66 posts today. Right now there is 78 posts, not including this one. As of today Bandew444’s has 3,057 views. 5,000 is going to be huge. Well, anyway this is the last post for NaBloPoMo + Bandew444’s, sorry Jeary. But like I said earlier, It’s just been an amazing, wild, tiring month, we’ve had tons of progress with wallpapers, our new store an so much more. I just want to say thanks to Zazzle, for letting us put up our products, thanks to Jeary for all the posts and help, and thanks to you, the reader for… well, reading! Keep coming here, because I promise that there will be so much more, and when football season rolls around… oh boy. Thanks again!

— Bandew444s and The Jeary


Buy Bandew444’s Shirts + More!

July 22, 2009

You can go here to view Bandew444’s Network merchandise (that includes the Jeary), and some other fun stuff. I’m working on some designs right now, and I think everything is going to look great. Remember, it’s not all going to be Bandew444’s stuff. There some customized Obama posters with Homer Simpson, Chuck Norris and Fat Mike… with more coming soon. I’ll also make some cool buttons and shoes and stuff. Wow, I haven’t said “stuff” in a while. The store is powered by Zazzle. Be sure to check it out.

*Not all designs are up yet. Most will be coming soon!
See my store at Zazzle