Past Poll Results

July 17, 2009

Here are some results from polls in previous posts. They are in order from oldest to newest.

A-Rod Poll

He should be

Fined: 13 % (3 votes)

Suspended: 13 % (3 votes)

Stripped Of Stats and Awards ’01 – ’03: 67 % (16 votes)

Nothing Should Happen 8 % (1 vote)



Which do You Enjoy More?

MLB: 21 % (3 votes)

NFL: 71 % (10 votes)

Both: 7 % (1 vote)

Which is Hurting More?

MLB: 60 % (9 votes)

NFL: 40 % (6 votes)

Both: 0 %


Mac VS. PC

Which do You Use?

Windows: 37 % (7 votes)

Mac: 63 % (12 votes)

Which do You Perfer?

Windows: 16 % (3 votes)

Mac: 84 % (16 votes)


New Name/Theme?

New Website?

NO! Keep Bandew444’s!!!: 38 % (3 votes)

SD Sports Net: 13 % (1 vote)

Something Padres / Chargers Related, with a cool name: 25 % (2 votes)

Something San Diego Related: 13 % (1 vote)

Something to do with technology: 13 % (1 vote)


YouTube Beta Channel

Do You Have The Beta Channel?

Yes: 60 % (6 votes)

No: 40 % (4 votes)

What’s a Beta Channel?? 0 %


Come On Sports Networks!

(Voting still in progress)


The Life of an Average Blogger

July 3, 2009

It’s not easy to do this, it’s not just type and click, type and click (maybe for The Jeary it is). But for me it’s a whole different story. I use all the basic stuff WordPress lets us use, I’m not a WordPress VIP like CNN or People, and I don’t always pull out great numbers for views per day, and my VPD is definitely not on the same scale as those premium VIP sites. I’ll get on average 22 or 23 views a day, and some days I’ll pull of anywhere from 40 to 100. I’d say that is pretty good for a site that has as much advertising as mine. I think that over the year that Bandew444’s has been around… well, all I can say is it’s definitely better than it was for the first 8 months (March – October ’08). If you would like to see anything in a post, and I used to put this in EVERY post for those first 8 months (there was about 5), just leave a comment. No one ever does, the last one I saw was on the Michael Jackson post. I constantly check my stats, which aren’t that good until later in the day. I can’t wait until my views every day get up to just the right number so I can consider my site a very popular one. I don’t plan on that happening anytime soon, I still have a lot of work to do. Even if I ever do get there, I don’t plan on signing up for a VIP blog. I saw that it costs $600! Ok, enough about my site’s views. What about The Jeary? It got all the views my blog had in it’s first 8 months in ONE DAY. That’s probably all of The Jeary’s friends, though. I haven’t gotten any trafficking from there, and I thought I would get all sorts of views. I get more views from my YouTube for Bandew444’s. Lame. On The Jeary’s second day, he got ten more views than Bandew444’s, and I got kind of jealous. But now, I feel sorry for him. It looks like he puts a ton of effort into those posts, but gets NO views at all! He hasn’t gotten any for the past 3 or 4 days. I just don’t think that it’s fair. Maybe it is, and I’m just over reacting. I have to remember this is his first month. Right now it’s getting late, and I’m not sure I can write or complain or what ever you want to call this much more. I might do a part two or something. So if you are still reading this, congratulations you made it to the end. We’ll see what the future holds for Bandew444’s.

Tomorrow holds an unexplainable adventure. — Smelly, NOFX

YouTube Beta Channel

June 5, 2009

I don’t know how many people know about this, but if I had to guess I’d say about a quarter of every one on YouTube knows this. YouTube has this new Beta Channel, and yes, I know I am a little late on this subject. I just discovered it a couple weeks ago. If you want to look, go to Bandew444’s TV . If you want it you can go to the Link on the blogroll that says “YouTube Beta Channel”. The Beta Channel still has a few flaws, such as watching HQ videos on the channel, but other than that, it’s fine. Make sure you’re logged in to YouTube before you try to get the Beta Channel!

New Name / Theme For Us?

April 24, 2009

I’m going to be taking ideas and suggestions for a new name & theme for Bandew444’s. If you have any ideas for me, leave a comment, and you might be the one with the best idea!