Ballpark Ambiance or Good Team?

July 19, 2009

I went to the Padres game today, and everything was fine. I got to see my first game from a ballpark suite, and being in Pectco Park, you know it had to be nice.  There was all sorts of food, The balcony on suite 18, right above 3rd base had an amazing view, and it was an overall great experience. But, while I was up there, the Pads were down on the field getting their asses kicked. So, my question to you is, is it worth having a great new stadium (Petco is now 5 years old (2004 opening year)) and having a losing baseball team OR is it better to have a winning baseball team and a bad park? I like having the 3rd newest stadium in the Major Leagues, but I just can’t stand having the freakin Padres the way they are right now in there. My solution: give the Chargers Petco! Just kidding. But seriously, the Bolts deserve a brand new stadium.


Come on Sports Networks!

July 15, 2009

So, I was watching the Home Run Derby (on ESPN) and I noticed when you watch sports on ESPN, your getting 1/3 of the sport you’re trying to watch and 2/3 crap interviews. It’s annoying, and I’d even say that’s an understatement. I missed seeing Adrian Gonzalez, which we all know I’ve been waiting to watch (if you’ve been reading), and Albert Pujols. Not cool. It’s either they’re in a little box in corner of your screen, or they’re just not there at all. I’m not looking forward to any Chargers games on Fox or ESPN, I’ll only see the last minute of it! Ok, now I’m just exaggerating. But I don’t know anyone who likes seeing interviews instead of the event you tuned into Fox/ESPN/NBC to watch.  

AL Home Run Derby Contestants

July 9, 2009

I said I was going to do this, and here it is. I hope it’s right.

Justin Morneau – 1B – Minnesota Twins

Jason Bay – LF – Boston Red Sox

Evan Longoria – 3B – Tampa Bay Rays

4th TBD – (Mark Tixera (NYY) dropped out)

I guess we’ll see who will take that last spot left by Mark Teixeira. Adrian Gonzalez is still going to win it. (haha)

Daily MLB Scores From 5-17-09

May 17, 2009

MIN 2 — NYY 3 F/10

OAK 7 — DET 11 F

CWS 2 — TOR 8 F

LAD 12 — FLA 5 F

COL 4 — PIT 11 F

PHI 8 — WSH 6 F

CLE 5 — TB 7 F

LAA 0 — TEX 3 F

BAL 4 — KC  7 F

MIL 8 — STL 2 F

HOU 6 — CHC 5 F

CIN 1 — SD 3 F

BOS 2 — SEA 3 F

NYM 0 — SF 2 F


Daily MLB Scores From 5-11-09 *Updated*

May 11, 2009

CWS 4 — CLE 9 F

ATL 8 — NYM 3  F

CIN 13 — ARI 5 F

WSH 15 — SF  14  F

New Name / Theme For Us?

April 24, 2009

I’m going to be taking ideas and suggestions for a new name & theme for Bandew444’s. If you have any ideas for me, leave a comment, and you might be the one with the best idea!