LT Throws in the Towel

February 5, 2010

Well, what we were all expecting is finally here. Yesterday LaDanian Tomlinson said he doesn’t want to play for the Chargers anymore. In a radio interview this week he stated that he felt disconnected and questioned the commitments of some of the players. If you can’t tell, he doesn’t want to go quietly.

“I don’t know what it is,” he said. “We’re (at) the point where these guys that come into the league, it’s not about the same values no more. It’s not about football, the things that you’re taught — faith, family, football. To them, it’s notabout that no more. It’s the name … It’s ‘me.’ And that’s the thing that’s so disappointing to me, because I can’t deal with that no more. If that’s going to be allowed I just can’t deal with that type of stuff.”

Co host Scott Kaplan of the “Scott and BR Show” on XX Sports Radio asked LT about his disappointment as a team leader, and in some of the things in the Chargers playoff loss.

“Some of this I feel like is taken out of my hands,” Tomlinson said. “You said a leader and all this kind of stuff, but there was a big part of this year, where for whatever reason, I didn’t feel connected as far as the team, the unity, togetherness, family. I didn’t feel that at times in the season. There were times that I did. But I’m saying that was a problem in the locker room, I felt like. Just my opinion.”

Tomlinson said he was as happy this season as he had been in some time, saying he felt the current Chargers team cost him his best chance at a Super Bowl. A playoff loss, a game in which the team committed numerous uncharger-like mistakes, changed his thinking.

The way I think of it, it would be tough to be LT. He used to be the face of the Chargers. The Chargers were HIS team. But, now Philip Rivers is the team leader, and LaDanian is no longer as big of a name as it used to be. I don’t think he wants to take the pay cut, or share the stardom either. When you think San Diego Chargers, you don’t think LT anymore. You think Philip Rivers, Darren Sproles & Vincent Jackson. That would be hard on any declining NFL stars ego.

I don’t know what us football fans are supposed to think. I don’t think the Chargers will be a very different team without him, as he wasn’t getting a lot of playing time anyway. Maybe the Bolts wont choke this year.


New Name / Theme For Us?

April 24, 2009

I’m going to be taking ideas and suggestions for a new name & theme for Bandew444’s. If you have any ideas for me, leave a comment, and you might be the one with the best idea!



April 14, 2009

sports neT preveiw

Bandew444’s is going to become It’s going to be almost the same thing, with a new look, a new address, and some new ideas. Come back for more updates and a preveiw of the all-new logo!

*Edit* All plans for SDSN were cancelled in 2009

AJ reaches out to LT

January 28, 2009
San Diego Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith, under fire for recent comments about the status of running back LaDainian Tomlinson, decided he owed the future Hall of Famer a phone call to clear the clouds of misinformation and speculation.  So he picked up the phone on Monday evening and found Tomlinson in Tampa, Florida. “It was important to me that L.T. know exactly what happened,” Smith said referring to comments he made in the San Diego Union-Tribune regarding statements on L.T.’s web site.    “I just answered a question and unfortunately my response was inappropriate,” said Smith, who has sat in the GM’s chair since 2003.  “After reading my response to the question, I can see why it was interpreted the way it was. 

“I absolutely meant no disrespect toward L.T… none.  I have the utmost respect for him on two fronts, as a player and as a person.”

Admittedly, Smith was hurt by some the comments made by the local and national media.  Though stung by the reaction, Smith was comforted by those who know him best.

“Dean Spanos and many members of our front office and coaching staff know exactly how I feel about L.T., and that is what has gotten me through this difficult time.

“And most important, L.T. knows how I feel about him.” 

Smith characterized the 10-minute conversation as “a great talk … the kind of talk we have at the beginning of each season.”

Like Smith, Tomlinson had nothing but positive vibes from the phone call.

“It was great to hear from him,” said the five-time Pro Bowl performer.  “It really went well.  It’s always better talking directly to someone one on one.  He was very upbeat and very sincere.  He felt bad about what had happened.”