The Jeary is Closed… Forever

December 28, 2009

Sorry to the fans of The Jeary. Due to time constraints… at least that’s what i heard… is closed for good. Just like i said before about Pappercut, though that site is closed, Bandew444s will be here for a long time to come. I am even working on upgrading the site.

RIP – 12/28/2009


The Jeary Stats

July 4, 2009

I have 6 Minuets to get a post in, so I’m stealing one from The Jeary.

Happy 4th of July everybody!!! Over the last week I have been thinking of what I’m going to be doing my next post on and I came up with a pretty good one that I can do monthly. So I think I will tell you. I am going to  be doing a new post on the 1st Monday of every  month on how many views I have gotten from the last month. So as you all  know I haven’t had my site for a whole month but I can still do a post on my stats. So last month I started my website on the 24th of June and it is the 4th of July. On the 26th my views went giant for only being open for 2 days. On the 26th I had a total of 21 views with only 2 posts. Then my views just dropped to 4 and back up to 12 on the 28th. Bandew444 really was surprised with how many views I got considering he only had maybe half the amount I had already in views for the first week of my website. As I thought would happen my views went down again to 4 up  to 6 on the 30th and then down to  zero, the 1st thru the 3rd of July. :( But today my views went back up to 5 and I hope that they will not go down to zero for another week. I have a total of 6 posts, 6 comments, and 60 views altogether. I am hoping to have a total of 130 views by the end of the month. Please keep the views coming and tell your friends of my website and if they have a youtube to subscribe to me. My youtube is TheJeary10. Thank you for being so loyal to this website and tell your friends about me.


Sources: The Jeary