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Hi, welcome to Bandew444’s! We are centered in San Diego, California. You can visit Bandew444’s official YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/bandew444.


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54 Responses to About Bandew444’s

  1. jarrett williams says:

    dude u still have post on the sycotic hannah

    • Bandew444 says:

      I know… i should probly delete it. l

      • Bandew444 says:

        What a freakin cyco

    • HannahLafarga:) says:

      r u talking about me? 😦

  2. shaniqua says:

    shiniqua gurl plz.

  3. jarrett says:

    hey delaney what do u think of it. Ask him how long hes had it. Green bay all the way. this is updated brett.

    • Bandew444 says:

      Just a few days ago you were saying chargers all the way.

      GO BOLTS
      From my iPod touch

  4. Haley says:

    not too bad! how long have you had this?

  5. Bandew444 says:

    EST. March ’08

  6. Haley says:

    god you are a nerd –! why do you have this anyway?

  7. Bandew444 says:

    Because I want to.

  8. Haley says:

    why do you want to?

  9. Bandew444 says:

    dont know

  10. Haley says:

    that’s nice

  11. Bandew444 says:

    what ever

  12. bretts nt nerd heley this is so awewsome. i would like to see you try to make a website like this. like the new post brett

  13. Are you and haley still at it with the posts i doesn’t look like it.

  14. pappercut says:

    cHiCkEn NuGgZ

  15. Gg 66 says:

    Hey whatz up dude

  16. jarrett says:

    chicken nuggs

  17. alex says:

    hey sup

    • Bandew444 says:

      not much

  18. alex says:

    a bret wut survay?

  19. Bandew444 says:

    i was kidding…!

  20. alex says:

    ha ha ha sorry.and sorry for not leaving u alone at the dance.did u find out y gabi said u were being mean about???????????????

    • Bandew444 says:

      Don’t worry about it… and no

  21. alex says:

    ite . have a good weekend

  22. Bandew444 says:

    You too

  23. alex says:


  24. alex says:

    am i really the only who likes windows

  25. Bandew444 says:

    Then I guess you’re the weird one

  26. alex says:

    no i am the ONLY cool 1

  27. Bandew444 says:


  28. alex says:

    i know right

  29. stan says:

    dude nice site

  30. Bandew444 says:

    Thanks Stan

  31. Zeeza says:

    Dang! You are awesome! How the heck did you create this thing??? Pretty rad little dude.

  32. Bandew444 says:

    Easy. Sign up for wordpress, start up your page… and create a logo. The logo takes time.

  33. alex says:

    like omg i’m totally gunna do it say hi to becky for me

  34. Bandew444 says:


  35. whos zeeza oh dude still good job oon the site and keep goin ur bad ato the bone YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA

  36. dude when r u goin to put up a new video for youtube the 10 ways to get hurt in tyour yard

  37. Bandew444 says:

    We couldnt do it after i sprained my ankle… sooooo never

  38. alex says:

    wen’d u sprain ur ankle????????oh wen bryce tackled u?

  39. alex says:

    whoz zeeza????????????????????

  40. alex says:

    hey guys

  41. someone says:

    alex thinks hes a jock lol…

  42. alex says:

    i think whoz a jock

  43. jeary10 says:

    hey dude I like that new thing on the top header

  44. jeary10 says:

    Hey. I like the new header thing

  45. […] About Bandew444’s […]

  46. kacie hostetler says:

    you’d have this website since ’09…really!!

  47. джaн says:

    Actually, quite frankly, much more amusing comments here own posts. (No offense to the author, of course) :))

  48. Still, I really like your blog. Always interesting to read, including this subject. 🙂

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