The State of Bandew444s

If you are a constant reader of Bandew444s or just come here from Google to look at all of our demotivational posters, and keep checking back for new ones, then you may be wondering why there has been such a lack of posts for the last two months. I haven’t forgotten about the few, and maybe none, of you who like this site and continue to come back for more. You may be someone who knows me, a friend of a friend, or someone who just found this site. Either way, I would like to thank you for the view. Bandew444’s, for the most part, has been and will continue to be a one man operation. Hopefully following the footsteps of one of my favorite sites, The Oatmeal, which is also run by one guy and gets about 40,000,000 views a month. Bandew444s has always been very small. As of right now, 10:45 PST, I have received a total of  105,929 views. Not bad, considering that I have never had any advertising, a good website name, any decent supporting writers, any real help at all, only selling two t-shirts and having 2 failed sites to back this one up and create a network to boost views. I don’t know what I’m going to do after August 29th, the day my domain expires. I don’t think deleting this site and never thinking about any thing website related again is an option. I will most likely come up with a new name and start all over. Bandew444s opened a door for me and now I’m sure I can deal with something with more views that requires more maintenance. I’m going to give you the opportunity to vote on what I should do next. It’s hard to say goodbye to something I’ve put so much work into, but as of August 29th, 2010, will no longer be frequently updated. All of my attention and effort will go into another site, and I hope everyone who likes Bandew444’s will be able to enjoy the new site twice as much.


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