App of the Week #2

This weeks app is Doodle Jump. Doodle Jump is a game where you jump from platform to platform, trying to get as high as you can, while avoiding obstacles

such as black holes, UFOs and monsters. It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds. It gets VERY addicting. You can get “power-ups” or “boosts” such as jet packs, springs that boost your jump, helicopter hats, trampolines or the newest one, spring shoes. The spring shoes are like the springs, but they stay with you for 5 jumps. Currently, the high score for this game is 1,311,248. My high score is only 51,445. I could spend all day trying to beat that score, but it gets frustrating after a while. Another great feature is that you can see all of your stats and scores, and the high scores daily, weekly or of all time. You can also connect it to Facebook and see your friends scores. Doodle Jump has also connected with two other games, Pocket God (featured in App Of The Week #1) , and The Creeps!. Characters from both of these apps have made appearances in Doodle Jump, and the Doodler has been in them. You can see screenshots of all of the games below. In Pocket God, the Doodler tries to shoot you as you do the Ooga Jump. I don’t have The Creeps! yet, but I will try it soon to see what the Doodler does. In Doodle Jump, the Creeps replace the monsters that kill you if you touch them while you are jumping. You can activate this feature by entering your name as “creeps”. If you enter your name as any of the pygmies from PG, you can jump as one! Like I said about Pocket God, this app is a must buy!

Rating: ★★★★★









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