Hi everybody it’s The Jeary here. I was just writing a post for myself and realized it was the end of the month so I remembered that I have to do a post for Bandew on his stats. So why don’t we just start right now.

Ok. So Bandew started his first week of this last month with 130 views and man that is alot compared to me only getting like 20 so I’ve got some work to do. But anyways that is pretty good for him averaging 127 views the past month so I give him an A for that. For his second week he had tons of views going up to 160, now is that alot or what. That was his third best week of views for this year. He did do very lame for is third week  becouse he only got 83 views that week so I pretty sure he wasn’t to happy about that. But he made up for it in his 4h week with 133 so I would like to give you all a hand for getting him all of these views.

Well there you have it. I would like to thank you all for being so loyal to Bandew and I (The Jeary) thru NaBloPoMo and “31 Posts in 31 Days”  even though they may have been lame or lagging things Thank You. The views for Bandew were very good this week so keep the views coming to his and mine. You can visit mine thru the link above. Thanks

-The Jeary


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