Search Engines.

Hi everybody it’s The Jeary again writing a post for Bandew. I know that he was going to be writing a follow up on yesterdays post but I wasn’t sure so I thought I would do a review on some search engines that I use.

I usually use yahoo because of it being my default set browser for when I open up my internet. I like yahoo because it has pictures also you can use and I’m very familiar with it.  It also is quicker for me then using say google. So if I were to rate it on a scale 1-10, I would give it a 9 for it’s outstanding ability to find my questions.

My second favorite is google. I like google becouse it is one of the best search engines I have used to find anything and it has some neat features like “I’m feeling lucky” and stuff like that. They also put in a new one I think a couple of weeks ago called, “Land on the Moon”, it on google earth.  Just so you know google earth is like a map of the world that’s in 3D. So one thing that is nice is the fact that you can use it and there’s an answer for any question you have. The only downfall I think it has is the time that you spend getting to the site for google. I give it a 9 out of 10 also just like to yahoo.

This is a fairly new search program known as Bing. You might of have heard about it from it’s commercials and there sayn, “What has  It is a program that pretty much doesn’t have all the extra junk that other have like where you type something in and it comes up with the total oppisite well bing doesn’t do that from my experience. I’ve only used it once or twice but it to me seems like a pretty worthy search engine. Since I haven’t used it a whole lot I can only give it a 7 becouse I don’t totally trust it yet.

So congrats that you made it through the top three favorite search engines that I have used. I hope to be writing a new post soon for my website and Bandew again. Please feel free to participate in voting for the following poll. Thanks again and keep the views coming.

-The Jeary


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