Finacial Problems in the US

Hey it’s The Jeary again. I’m doing another post for Bandew so don’t worry I haven’t tookin over his website. But anyways I was at home today with my dad and he showed me this thing on the internet called the US Debt Clock. I know this isn’t that important but I figured I would show you this clock that is so crazy you might have a heart attack. If you would like to go see it go the or just click the second link down from the top. But I was looking at it and saw that there isn’t a second that goes by that the clock is going up. I think I will tell you what the numbers were when I wrote this post so that you can see how much it goes up in such little time. I wrote this post at 9:10 PM 7/12/09 so you know.

US National Debt: $11,407,203,377,528

Debt per a citizen: $37,351

US spending  year to date: $2,125,832,594,881

Spending per citizen: $6,725

US Spending Deficit Year to date:$977,410,729,022

Est. Medicare Fraud Year to date: $32,001,212,105

Sorry but there are tons of more that you can look at that I didn’t do becouse it would take to long to write. You can go to the website it’s the second link and I did the major ones that are importatant to the US. Well once again this was a post by the Jeary so keep the views coming.

-The Jeary


One Response to Finacial Problems in the US

  1. Bandew444 says:

    That’s A LOT of commas

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