San Diego Crusaders Cup: Day 1

So this morning my team, The Hotspurs, had two games. The first game was a complete disaster… a huge 5-0 loss for us. So there’s one L. But wait… it gets even better. The next game which is later on in the afternoon, opposed to our first 8:20 morning game, was ANOTHER loss. 3 – 1. I’m going to keep this simple, just in case someone I know that is on my team that has an opposing view is reading. I blame two people for that game and ONLY two people. I’m not going any further with that, and that is ALL I’m going to say about that. There were decisions in that game that were made that I don’t think were right, and I will respect that, even if I don’t think they were the smartest way to go. I am just not happy at all with the outcome of those games. If you are a soccer enthusiast or especially if you are a soccer player. You’ll know what I’m talking about. If you know me, or are on my team, you will know just who I am talking about. A lot of the people on my team would even agree with me, or at least that’s what they seem like they would do. I’m done with this subject until tomorrow. I’m getting all pissed off just writing about it.


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