The Jeary Stats

I have 6 Minuets to get a post in, so I’m stealing one from The Jeary.

Happy 4th of July everybody!!! Over the last week I have been thinking of what I’m going to be doing my next post on and I came up with a pretty good one that I can do monthly. So I think I will tell you. I am going to  be doing a new post on the 1st Monday of every  month on how many views I have gotten from the last month. So as you all  know I haven’t had my site for a whole month but I can still do a post on my stats. So last month I started my website on the 24th of June and it is the 4th of July. On the 26th my views went giant for only being open for 2 days. On the 26th I had a total of 21 views with only 2 posts. Then my views just dropped to 4 and back up to 12 on the 28th. Bandew444 really was surprised with how many views I got considering he only had maybe half the amount I had already in views for the first week of my website. As I thought would happen my views went down again to 4 up  to 6 on the 30th and then down to  zero, the 1st thru the 3rd of July. :( But today my views went back up to 5 and I hope that they will not go down to zero for another week. I have a total of 6 posts, 6 comments, and 60 views altogether. I am hoping to have a total of 130 views by the end of the month. Please keep the views coming and tell your friends of my website and if they have a youtube to subscribe to me. My youtube is TheJeary10. Thank you for being so loyal to this website and tell your friends about me.


Sources: The Jeary

One Response to The Jeary Stats

  1. jeary10 says:

    dude brett Im so sorry I was going to do it last night and stuff but we didn’t get home in time. we got home at 1250 and my parents wanted me to go to bed. I’m so sorry

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