Michael Jackson Dies at 50

The king of pop, Michael Jackson was reported dead today upon arriving at UCLA Medical Center. Jackson reportedly collapsed at a home he was renting in Hombly Hills in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics responded to a 911 call made at 12:21 PST, and arrived at the rental house at 12:30. Jackson was not breathing and the paramedics quickly preformed CPR. The efforts to resuscitate him were continued while en route to the hospital. The efforts were continued when the ambulance arrived at UCLA Medical Center at about 1:14, and for an hour further. Jackson fell in to a coma after that hour and died.He was pronounced dead at 2:26 PM. It is reported that he suffered cardiac arrest, but we will not be sure until after an autopsy, which is scheduled to be Friday June 26, 2009. Jackson was supposed to be preforming at 50 sold out concerts to over one million people in London’s O2 arena from 6-13-09 to 3-6-10. If you are reading this, Michael Jackson fan or not, take some time to think about all the things Michael has brought into this world, the good and the bad. Without him, today would definitely not be the same, inside or out of the music world.


One Response to Michael Jackson Dies at 50

  1. livingstain says:

    Viva Micheal, may God Bless you….

    if you have time just visit my blog … viva Philipinas

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