A-Rod poll

Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids in 2003 while he was with the Texas Rangers. What should Bud Selig do about it?


8 Responses to A-Rod poll

  1. did you make that poll or find online or something. I voted he should be suspended. That cool though you have that. He used to be one of my favorite baseball players becouse of his great batting, but now i don’t like him. AROD IS A CHEATER WEATER HEATER MEATER PETER DEDER.

  2. Bandew444 says:

    There’s an option to make your own poll. I voted that he be stripped of his stats & awards from ’01 to ’03.

  3. Haley says:

    Not bad, not bad. im not saying its the beat but its not the worst

  4. Haley says:

    im serious ive seen better and worse. dont feel bad!

  5. Bandew444 says:

    Yeah, I’ve almost had 1,000 views in 2 monts

  6. NICE 1,000 views thats alot u should go for 1,000,000 views in a day

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