A Whole New Look For Us And The Chargers

The 2009 NFL season marks the 50th Anniversary Season for the Chargers and the seven other original American Football League teams.  The Chargers have designed a commemorative logo (above) to appear on its game jerseys as well as select merchandise and items throughout the year.  

The NFL also will highlight the 50th Anniversary during two “Legacy Weekends” this season.  During one home and one road weekend, the Chargers and the other original AFL teams will meet head-to-head while wearing their chosen Throwback uniform.  For the Chargers, their chosen uniform is modeled after the uniform worn by the 1963 AFL Championship team.  

I have also created a new logo for the site. Hope you guys like it, I also made my site’s one year anniversary logo…. Enjoy!


2 Responses to A Whole New Look For Us And The Chargers

  1. those are some neat logos i like the 1 year charger 1. So you going to the tryouts tomorrow at cuyamace college. im going but anywaays like the 2 new posts.

  2. Bandew444 says:

    Thanks, and yes, I’m going.

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